What do you think about this comment?  page 2 of the Introduction  How can we avoid this…this year?

We insult and frustrate our teachers and leaders when we keep asking them to adopt complex, confusing new initiatives and programs that can’t possibly succeed in the absence of decent curriculum, lessons, and literacy activities.

Introduction and Chapter 1 Focus by M. Schmoker

Please respond to these two comments based on the introduction and chapter 1.

1.  Do we have a practice(s) that you would classify as a fad in your grade-level, department, or building?  If so, elaborate on what that is and why you think it is a fad.

2.  Reflect on your classroom. Do you have a common curriculum? Do you have sound lessons on a daily basis? How often do you have students read with a purpose in your

Leadership Team Book Blog 2012-2013

Welcome to Edublogs!  I hope you have used it before (or something similar) if not — there is a user guide you can access and we will learn together.  🙂

The books for us to read are as follows:  Focus by Mike Schmoker — we will all read this for discussion on August 2 and August 7.  The RTI book will only be for MS and HS and we will begin reading it after the school year begins.  Please post comments about the book as you read and lets get some good discussion going before we meet again.  🙂


Sandy Branstetter